Blank or Lined?

Who knew it was such a burning personal issue?!

Cad ar a bhuil mé ag caint? What am I referring to?

Leabhair nótaí! Why, notebooks, of course!

Blank or Lined Leabhair Nótaí

The Cártaí Rúbaí team had a meeting recently where we discussed adding to our product line. Ba bhreá linn leabhair nótaí a chur ar fáil. We would love to have a range of notebooks.

We were happily discussing designs and sizes and types of cover, and we found we agreed on most things until it came to talking about what the inside of the notebook would look like.

That, we did NOT agree on.

At all.

I (Sadhbh) prefer Blank, while Cáit prefers Lined. Neither of us could be swayed. In fact it almost came to blows… well, ok … not really… but it did reach an absolute impasse. So what did we do?

We turned to our lovely friends on Facebook to ask their valued opinion, of course. And we were totally overwhelmed by the response. It seems it’s a subject close to many people’s hearts!

We’ve finally totted up the results and there’s a clear winner. Click on the image above to find out which sister is not a happy bunny ;)

Do you agree? An aontaíonn tú?


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