Blank or Lined?

Who knew it was such a burning personal issue?!

Cad ar a bhuil mé ag caint? What am I referring to?

Leabhair nótaí! Why, notebooks, of course!

Blank or Lined Leabhair Nótaí

The Cártaí Rúbaí team had a meeting recently where we discussed adding to our product line. Ba bhreá linn leabhair nótaí a chur ar fáil. We would love to have a range of notebooks.

We were happily discussing designs and sizes and types of cover, and we found we agreed on most things until it came to talking about what the inside of the notebook would look like.

That, we did NOT agree on.

At all.

I (Sadhbh) prefer Blank, while Cáit prefers Lined. Neither of us could be swayed. In fact it almost came to blows… well, ok … not really… but it did reach an absolute impasse. So what did we do?

We turned to our lovely friends on Facebook to ask their valued opinion, of course. And we were totally overwhelmed by the response. It seems it’s a subject close to many people’s hearts!

We’ve finally totted up the results and there’s a clear winner. Click on the image above to find out which sister is not a happy bunny ;)

Do you agree? An aontaíonn tú?


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Rudaí Milis / Sweet Things

Cáit has arrived home safely from her Mí na Meala (honeymoon) and our heads are full of ideas that we just can’t wait to get started on! We’re looking forward to putting our heads together as much as possible over the coming weeks and months and have a million ideas for new cards and products that we can’t wait to share with you.

Wedding season is still in full swing it would seem and our badges have been proving popular as favours this summer. We were also asked to custom-make some ‘survival-kits’ like the ones we made for Cáit’s Hen Night recently. I’ll share a picture once the hen night in question is over as I don’t want to spoil the surprise for anyone!

I also attended another family wedding recently which had gorgeous personal details too. Another bridal banner by my husband:

Cartai Rubai Wedding Banner

And some sweet favours:

Love is Sweet Cartai Rubai

In the spirit of back-to-school (eeek!) we will be adding a few extra products to the site over the next few days, which we hope you’ll find useful - so be sure to keep an eye out!

Slán go fóill,

Sadhbh x

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Bainis na Bliana

The Wedding of the year!

Cáit - got married recently and it was the best day ever! The weather was amazing, the food was fantastic, the band were excellent and the beautiful couple truly had the happiest day of their lives! Cáit and her new husband Niall, put a lot of work into their DIY wedding and their personalities certainly shone through on the day, with a lot of personal touches that really made it special.

We promised that we’d share some of the details with you all, so here is a sneak peek of some of the bits and pieces I managed to snap with my phone while we were setting up the day before the wedding. We are really looking forward to getting the professional pictures of how everything looked on the big day, but in the meantime, you’ll have to make do with these.

First up - the invitations! (of course)

So far Cáit hasn't designed any cards for Cártaí Rúbaí - but that might just have to change!

So far Cáit hasn’t designed any cards for Cártaí Rúbaí - but that might just have to change!

Cáit designed these invitations herself and printed them on gorgeous paper from Daintree. The invitations really set the theme for the wedding with sage green for the bridesmaids,  pale pink for the flower girls and bunting and birds for decorations.

Cáit Wedding Tábla 1

Can you guess where the groom is from? Clue: he uses ‘Tábla’ istead of ‘Bord’ for table.

Bride and Groom both spent long hours making the bunting by hand!

Bride and Groom both spent long hours making the gorgeous bunting by hand!

Cáit kept the design from invitation for the menus and favours/place settings. The menu was tucked neatly into the napkin and every guest received a personalised Cártaí Rúbaí pin badge - pink for the girls, green for the boys.

My place setting on the big day.

My place setting on the big day.

Béile den scoth!

Béile den scoth!

The badges made it a fun way to learn people’s nicknames too.

Cait Wedding loopy

and it was also a nice surprise for the guests to have their nickname at their place setting, as their proper names were used on the fabulous table plan.

The table plan was written in chalk paint on an old window, which was found in the garden of the venue

The table plan was written in chalk paint on an old window, which was found in the garden of the venue

Another of my favourite details from the day was this sweet banner, which was carried down the aisle by two of the flower girls. It was made by my husband who is just starting out in business as a traditional sign-writer (in fact, this was his first commission!) and everybody loved it. He’s not online yet, but if you’d like to order something similar for your wedding do contact us and we can put you in touch with him.

Hand painted fabric 'Here Comes the Bride' banner - contact us if you'd like one too!

Hand painted fabric ‘Here Comes the Bride’ banner - contact us if you’d like one too!

The final detail I’ll share for now was the guest-book table. We rescued an old typewriter from our parent’s attic and set it on a lovely table we found at the venue. We then added pictures of both sets of parents when they were dating and on their wedding day and a gorgeous big blank book for people to sign.

A string of bunting drew attention to the table

A string of bunting drew attention to the table

Cait Wedding Guest Book Close Upand a jug of sweet-pea finished it off perfectly. It was a lovely spot for guests to sit for a quiet moment and leave a sweet blessing for the happy couple.

Cáit & Niall are enjoying their honeymoon now, but maybe when they get back I’ll have a few extra pictures to share!

Slán go fóill,

Sadhbh x


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Wedding Fever

Tá Cáit ag pósadh agus táimid ar bís!

Wedding season is upon us and here at Cártaí Rúbaí HQ Wedding fever is at an all time high! Cáit is getting married next week! Most of the details are still top-secret, but we’re dying to share all of the creative ideas we have pulled together to make her day extra special.

As I can’t share anything from the wedding, I thought I’d share a little detail from Cáit’s Hen-Party that was a real hit with the girls out on the town that night. Hen Party Survival Kit

Cáit’s Hen Night Survival Kit!

It was a little pack with hand-stamped lettering which was presented as a gift to each ‘hen’ at the party. It was topped with a flower pin, with ‘Cáit’s Hen Night’ and the date attached to it. These could be worn in hair or pinned to clothes.

The contents of the kits were intended to help each ‘hen’ through a night of fine food and boozy cocktails.

Hen Night Survival Kit Contents

Lip Balm for kissable lips, Plasters for treacherous heels, Lollipops and Chocolate to keep the energy levels up, breath mints for freshness, hair ties for when the dancing left us all hot and bothered, bubbles for fun and painkillers for the morning after!

They came in really useful I can assure you! Go háraithe na pianmhúcháin!

Seans gur chomair dom rud éigin cosúil a chur le chéile don bhainis!

Grá mór, Sadhbh xx


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Fáilte! Welcome!


Táimid beo!


Our site is finally live and we are absolutely delighted! Many thanks to Curious Design for all their help, patience and design expertise!

We hope you enjoy browsing through the shop! We will be adding new products over the next little while too, so make sure to check back with us!

Fáilte isteach!


Táimid ar bís go bhfuil tú anseo!

We’re so happy you’re here!

Ó Sadhbh & Cáit xxx

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